Google Workspace

Google Workspace Plans

In simpler terms, Google Workspace is the G Suite with a better name. It contains all of the productivity tools you know and you can customize your workspace to suit your business. Some of the add-ons available include customer support, cloud storage options, and improved security. Part of the Google rebranding also revolves around new communication features. You need to communicate to have an effective workspace, and Gmail’s chat, call, and content management features are new essentials. Best of all, most of these updates are already available to most Google Workspace customers.

Google also took the rebranding as an opportunity to update its icons. You’ll notice a full set of new four-color icons for properties like Gmail, Drive, Calendar, and Photos. It may take some getting used to, but it helps unify the platform. Like G Suite before it, Google Workspace has everything you need for a productive, connected office. It mentions Gmail, Meet, Drive, Calendar, Chat, Docs, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Notes, Sites, Forms and Currents. You can also find App Script and Cloud Search in the list of included apps. Those of you who are concerned about security can access Admin, Endpoint, Vault and Work Insights.

Google Workspace Hosting

Google Workspace also offers new collaborative chat features to make your life easier. The idea is that it will be easier to create and develop documents in Chat whether you are part of an organization or not. The apps included in Google Workspace also have additional extras that set them apart from the free versions. For example, Gmail is ad-free, which will help you a lot to stay focused. Meet also offers some additional features and a higher attendance limit depending on the plan. You can easily integrate external participants and do not even have to install a plug-in.

Once you’ve set up a business calendar, you can manage meetings, vacations, and more in one place to make your life easier. The Workspace version of Google Drive also offers additional storage and shared drives for your more complicated projects. You can find more hidden features in every workspace app from Google. So it can be helpful to explore these before signing up for a plan.

Advantages of Google Workspace

Flexible: Developed for flexible, smooth and fast collaboration, when, where and how you need it.

Helpful: With industry-leading AI and search technology, you can do the essentials and let Google do the rest so you can work smarter.

Simple: The built-in Google Workspace is simple and easy to use, so you spend less time managing your work and more time actually getting it done.

Compliant: Certified to the most widely recognized and internationally recognized independent security standards, including HIPAA, GDPR, and FedRAMP.

By integrating Google Workspace with CRM and other productivity apps, your team can work seamlessly on all platforms, all through the Google Workspace app. Employees log in to work apps with single sign-on and don’t waste time going back and forth and duplicating effort (and data). Your business will be more productive and you won’t have to worry about data inconsistencies and human errors.