Dubai Dedicated Server

Dubai Dedicated Server Reviews

Onlive Server delivers first-class Dedicated Servers at just the most competitive prices, offering you the right hosting services for your business requirements and budget. Also, Onlive Server offers different Dubai Dedicated Servers such as SSD Dedicated Servers, VPS Servers, Linux Dedicated Servers, Windows Dedicated Servers. And also Shared Web Hosting to every single business entity in Dubai or across the world. We are one of the top-rated providers in Dubai.

Why Dedicated Server is the smartest choice?

The world of servers can daunt for many. Luckily, Dubai Dedicated Server provides you with a list of advantages of going for a dedicated server over some other type. High-performance flexibility and efficiency, remote accessibility. Ability to accommodate different needs, security, and higher speed. When your website is on a Dedicated Server with limited resources available to serve its users. You will end up putting your site in timeout while waiting for the next batch of resources to become available. The best part is that you don’t need to worry about downtime or speed anymore.

Some Features of Dubai Dedicated Server?

The major benefit of Dedicated Server is that it grants you all fundamental hosting features at a very low rate. I prepared dedicated servers with two different approaches, one for shared hosting and the second for cloud hosting. At first, you may think both are the same, but believe me, they have many differences among them. Dedicated Servers feature speed connections to ensure site visitors can send information over the internet in no time. While some of them also provide unlimited capacity facilities to their clients so that their website becomes more popular among other websites. Another prime benefit of Dubai Dedicated Server is that they provide maximum security to your data. So any potential error or hacker won’t steal your information due to which you will store your files on a safe server and never worry about anything.


If you’re planning to start your very own dedicated server hosting company, then it is essential for you to choose Dubai dedicated server. It’s highly scalable and flexible, which offers top-notch performance when compared with shared servers. It gives massive power, reliability, and flexibility which are required by businesses. That is growing at a great pace or having many employees or offices. We can also use these machines as a backup solution if your main hosting server fails because of technical problems or any other reason. They can quickly be transferred over to another machine. And ensure zero downtime on your site, which would otherwise affect customer experience adversely.

Technical Support

While choosing OnLive Server as your Dubai Dedicated Server provider. It will provide you with 24×7 help and support for your clients, which implies you can concentrate on improving your business. You’ll get considerable technical help to keep away from service outages that can damage your clients’ trust in your brand.

Dubai Dedicated Server

Since we will host your server in a high-security environment, you do not have to worry about protecting your data. Onlive Server offers several dedicated server hosting plans. With these servers, you can safeguard your website from hackers and other sources of cyberattacks such as DoS (Denial of Service) or DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service). Every dedicated server comes with a secured private network IP address.


If you are looking for a Dubai hosting provider, it is vital for you to check every one of their features to guarantee that they meet your needs. Such features include control, security, and dependability, among others. Besides these, it is also essential for you to make sure that they provide top-notch customer service which will offer answers to all your questions.


Dubai VPS Server is a server that is physically served in Dubai. It’s basically used by many companies to set up their organizations. In case you have any plan to begin your own hosting business. Then you need to find out the first-class Hosting Providers within Dubai. With Onlive Server, you will get all kinds of necessary services at a cheap price that ensures not only reliability but stability as well!