Onlive Server provides Turkey VPS Server to businesses and individuals. We provide high-performance, reliable, and secure hosting solutions to our clients. Our Turkey VPS Server is ideal for companies who want to optimize their websites or complex business applications.

We have made it a point to provide our clients with the utmost care and attention. Our servers are managed by a team of friendly professionals who know what they are doing. You can rely on us for our services as we offer 24×7 customer supports for all your queries related to our products.

Turkey VPS Server

Our Turkey VPS is designed to keep clients’ needs in mind by providing them with various plans that suit their budget requirements. We also have different types of high-speed servers, such as SSD-based storage, RAM-based storage, and HDD-based storage, and dedicated plans for those needing more security and speed.

Onlive Server offers a wide range of Turkey VPS hosting plans that can be customized according to your requirements. The company also provides its client’s domain registration services, SSL certificates, on-site backup, and many other features. We use SSD drives for their Linux VPS servers as they are much faster than traditional hard drives and offer better performance than magnetic hard drives.

The following are the reasons why you should consider Onlive Server as your Turkey VPS hosting provider:

Onlive Server has provided its customers with the best VPS server hosting services since 2008. The company is one of the leading VPS server hosting providers in Turkey. It offers high-performance servers with the latest technologies, such as SSD VPS drives for faster response time, RAM for higher performance, and plenty of space for your websites and applications.

Onlive Server provides unlimited resources and bandwidth to its clients so they can utilize it in the best possible way. It will be free if you want to install more than one application on your Windows VPS server.

Why do you need Turkey VPS Server?

The best part about a VPS Server is that it allows you to run multiple applications on one server simultaneously; this makes it easier for users with less technical knowledge to use. Your website will be faster than ever since most websites require multiple applications to function correctly. This also means you will not have any downtime issues caused by application errors or slow loading times. The best part about having a Turkey VPS Server is that it lets users install multiple applications, like WordPress, WordPress hosting packages, etc., on one single server, which reduces costs for hosting companies and helps them increase their revenue by increasing their user base.

Benefits of using Turkey VPS Server

High Speed: We provide the fastest shared hosting server with SSD hard drives and caching.

Security: Our servers are protected with a state-of-the-art firewall and intrusion detection system.

Managed Hosting: We provide 24/7 support, monitoring, backups, and upgrades for our hosting plans and packages.

Free SSL Certificate: Buy any SSL certificate to secure your site at no cost!

Easy Setup: Our step-by-step instructions will walk you through setting up your website on any of our shared hosting plans with less than 30 minutes of work!

24/7 Support – Our professional support team will help you at any time of the day or night as long as our staff is online and ready to help you.

Fast & Reliable Shared Hosting Plans

Our shared hosting plans are reliable as they have high uptime and low downtime. You can host your website on these servers without issues and upgrade your plan accordingly. If you need more space or bandwidth. The only drawback is that we have no dedicated resources, which means that if you want to host multiple websites on a single server, it will affect the performance of other websites hosted on the same server.

High-quality VPS Hosting Plans

We offer high-quality Turkey VPS Hosting plans which provide you with available CPU power, RAM, and bandwidth per month, along with unlimited cPanel user accounts and MySQL databases that allow you to install any application or extension on your server without any problem. You can also back up all data from your private folders.

High Performance

Our High-Performance VPS Servers are designed to provide the best performance possible, regardless of the workload. The servers are designed to be highly stable, resilient, and scalable. The servers are equipped with the latest Intel Xeon processors for maximum performance and reliability.

High Availability

We strive to provide a suitable environment for hosting your business website. Our infrastructure has multiple redundant power supplies and multiple network switches to ensure that your site will always be up-and-running, even with extreme conditions or power failures.


Onlive Server is a great host with a wide range of VPS servers and the infrastructure to back them up. Your server performance will probably outmatch the competition, and our bench marking tests show significantly faster results across the board when compared to our past reviews. It’s also nice that they offer a 99.99% uptime guarantee, which makes it unlikely you’ll experience significant downtime. Overall, this is a company that I’d gladly recommend to anyone looking for a new host and one that offers quality products and services at very reasonable prices.