India VPS Server

India VPS Server

If you were using a shared hosting package and need an upgrade, then India VPS server hosting is the next step to take. VPS server offers better control over the environment of hosting and so a user may run his software and scripts with full freedom. It also gives more processing power and dedicated resources. All these can benefit your website to a great extent. On the other hand, if a provider does not provide Secured Shell access to carry out server maintenance, then things can become even more difficult for you cannot control database and web server parameters. Therefore, you must choose a dedicated server or an India VPS Server hosting plan.

The functions of VPS or Virtual Private Server

A Virtual Private Server performs a variety of functions and is used for benefits it offers:

1. VPS is the connecting link between dedicated server hosting and shared hosting. When it comes to cost, the price of a VPS hosting plan is lesser than dedicated hosting. VPS may conveniently install any of the software on the OS. Apart from this, it helps in the testing upgrade of insecure services.

2. With India VPS server, you get a chance to run your website on customised software. This software is prepared by companies for organisations, business entities, and is not targeted to the general market or the mass market.

3. With India VPS, you enjoy features of backup mailing exchange. This again supports the various messaging systems, including mail program or email server along with groupware applications. Back up mail exchange is usually employed in a business setting where security is the main concern.

4. Helps in Virtual Private Network: VPS server hosting proves a great help when there is a need for remote offices, and the users need to access the organisation network in a secured manner.

5. Helps in domain name server: DNS or domain name server is an identification label that gives a site a distinct name. It gives site authority and control in the virtual world. Each website has its own domain name from the webserver.

Why switch to VPS server?

India VPS server offers several benefits to the site owners. If you have exceeded or outperformed limitations set by the shared hosting plan, then it is time to switch to a VPS server plan. It improves reliability by eliminating downtimes so much common with shared hosting packages. A site receives dedicated resources not shared by other websites, and so you have your share of resources. Therefore, the activity of a single website won’t affect other websites.

Install firewalls for added security

Security is a prime concern for businesses. linux VPS Server can allay fears concerning security threats. The best part is that VPS allows you to install a firewall to avoid security threats. VPS also gives you root access to control the server resources. Therefore, a provider cannot control the majority of things for the control lies in your hands.


The benefit of scaling the resources

VPS server gives the benefit of scaling server resources as per the requirement. For those businesses that are expanding, they may consider a switch to a VPS plan. Besides, 24×7 hours of superior customer support is an added icing on sugar. Technical support comes along with a VPS plan. So, if you face technical glitches while controlling the technical part or running your site, there will be a technician to help you out.

Ways of choosing the best VPS plan for a site

It may be a bit confusing to choose the VPS provider for there are so many providers. When choosing a VPS provider, do consider the packages he is offering, the added features, cost, security and reliability. In the meanwhile, also take into account your needs and website requirements. Discuss out the resources you will get along with the package. There must be an apt balance between the cost of a Cheap VPS Hosting package and what you are getting. India VPS Hosting plans are meant for every budget. So, go through the plans and assess your website needs along with the cost.