Managed Dedicated Server

Endurable Managed Dedicated Server Plans

Onlive Server Pvt ltd provides you with the safest and securable Managed Dedicated Server hosting services of the modern age we provide you well-designed diplomatic infrastructure, customization, reliability, and flexibility. Onlive Server-based dedicated services are genuine, affordable, and provide you with the best customer support. Our Managed Dedicated Server hosting is an ideal solution for business owners, developers, and customers who need to get the most out of their hosting.

Our managed dedicated servers are a perfect choice for your website or a server-based application. With the combination of safety and affordability, you can now find a good deal for your website or application with us. Managed Dedicated Server hosting is the hosting of all hosting resources like bandwidth, memory, RAM on a private server dedicated to a client website. We provide 24/7 support via phone or email, to keep your security assured. Our staff will customize your server set up for you to make sure it meets your initial expectations.

What is a dedicated server?

A Dedicated server is a web hosting service that organizations and businesses use to keep their data safe and secure. A dedicated hosting server supplied by highly reliable for the reason that we hold a rarely noticed well-maintained server. Using a dedicated server, you can be sure your website will be accessible 99.9% of the time.

Why Choose Our Dedicated Server?

High Performance Dedicated

  • It keeps your data fully safe and secure and accessible.
  • It provides the latest hosting services with astounding performance and scalability, clearness.

Maximum Control

  • With Maximum Control, you get the power to create an environment that suits your unique needs. With root access, you’ll be able to fit our application stack to your organization’s peculiarities.
  • Our Dedicated Servers offer Maximum Control with flexibility and power to run all your applications, custom scripts, and more.
  • Dedicated Server is the ideal platform for hosting exact multiple types of Operating systems. We offer you powerful hardware that yields world class dedicated performance.
  • The Control Vault provides all necessary tools to drive the server performance at peak levels.

Instant Provisioning

  • Instant Provisioning allows the fast and easy launch of new servers by specifying the required service, price, and duration.
  • Instantly provision hardware resources, data streams, and scaling capabilities, based on your needs.
  • Instant Provisioning provides you with an instantly ready-to-use, pre-installed, and integrated server platform, which is scalable according to your need. This allows us to respond quickly to any hardware failure without interruption of your service.

The trouble with System Availability

A dedicated server can be set up to deal with a website’s traffic capacity. It provides you stability and the best customization all these extraordinary features are available at your doorstep with a single click. It ensures increased speed and performance, for better data security.

Concerns to Dedicated Server

Our organization presents the cheapest Best Dedicated Server Hosting with fully managed and affordable prices. It is safe and secure which you will not find anywhere.


Having any of the above-mentioned dedicated servers can upgrade your hosting limit without any hassles. It is strongly suggested to plan in your budget to buy the server. This will help you in avoiding unnecessary expenses related to faulty hosting management or the non-availability of required server space or bandwidth limits.